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&nbsp HMS Sunspot was personally designed by Colonel David Adams in 2060, at a time when resources for it's construction were unavailable. When Titan was destroyed, the necessary materials became available and construction was started. By 2065, the hull was ready for space-worthiness, but was stopped when a new engine and superweapon was made to be available for 2067 so that it was capable of defeating an enemy fleet single-handed.

When the Rakehell invaded Earth in 2066, production was hurried, despite the fact that no weapon was available.

Operational UseEdit

In 2067, HMS Sunspot was given to the Dreadhunters to be flown by Captain James Smith. During the battle between the Dreadhunters and Rakehell, the ship was fitted with a 200-strong missile delivery system.

After the victory, a superweapon was found in the remains of the HOWL-EX headquarters outside Washington DC.

With The 1XEdit

The weapon found was of Rakehell design, though the captured General Rak'shaa claimed that he had never seen it. During the test fire, the obselete battleship HMS Sydney was fired on. The 1X created a singularity at the centre of the ship, with turned into a black hole, folding the ship around itself before crushing the ship and closing the black hole immediately.

Finest Hour and DestructionEdit

In 2073, an Alliance was formed between Humanity and the Maxons, a race of humanoids losing a war against the Rakehell. a battle fleet was dispatched consisting of HMS Sunspot, HMS Hood and HMS Valiant. Whilst they were away, the Maxons invaded Earth, having set up the original war between Humanity and the Rakehell. With it's greatest defence gone the planet was taken in a matter of weeks, with the Maxons installing themselves within English Parliament and American Congress, an act purely of gesture. After this, the Maxons began strip-mining the Earth, intending to find a crashed ship belonging to the Ancestors, the original owners of the Earth, whom had taken an artifact said to be capable of opening a gate to anywhere in the Universe.

Word reached the fleet and it returned to Earth in 2074 along with a battle fleet from the Rakehell.

During the liberation of Earth the Maxons were defeated using a Sunspot-based 1X, but it came at a cost. Captain Smith and Sunspot were destroyed when the Maxons used the Sun's energy and concentrated it to a single beam that ripped through the ship, killing all aboard save one: General Burton.